Union Rule Book

       An Important Announcement from the NSWU.

(Copy via post to all members by 02.03.2013.)
As you may now be aware, the National Security Workers Union, UK, has suffered severe operating difficulties since the Spring of 2012 due to an ongoing lack of suitable volunteers combined with the ill health of the General Secretary.
No new membership applications were processed since mid May last year and the union was forced to cease most operations in June 2012, while possible options were investigated in a strenuous effort to return the union to full operational status.

Unfortunately, exhaustive and time consuming attempts to find a solution have ultimately been unsuccessful and no further course of action appears to be available.
As a result of this, the NSWU has no choice but to announce its dissolution, effective from 1st March 2013.

Dissolution, without a vote of the membership, has been forced simply due to the lack of staff available to keep the union operating in any practical form and it is impossible to provide the service to our members we had previously achieved or to promote our cause in general.

The Government Certification Office has been advised of the situation and will be removing the Union from the official list once final public accounts have been submitted in June.

We had hopes that after the first annual election for membership of the NSWU’s executive committee in June, a new managing counsel could be formed, but unfortunately, no candidates came forward in the time available.

All remaining union funds will be used to make refunds of membership fees using the following guidelines:
***Any person that has received recorded advice, guidance or assistance from the NSWU, will receive no refund of fees.

***Every member of the union, that has not used NSWU services as listed above, will receive a FULL REFUND OF ALL PAYMENTS MADE SINCE JUNE 1st 2012.

***After these payments are made, the union’s financial affairs will be concluded and ongoing costs such as website and postal operations will cease.

***Payments will be made via bank transfer to the account details provided at the time of joining the union unless written instructions are received requesting an alternative payment method.

***All Payments should be completed by Friday April 19th 2013.

***Should you not have received your refund by this time, please email the union advice address (
NSWUinfo@gmail.com) giving the subject as “REFUND QUERY”, or write to the union registered address.

PLEASE NOTE: As your membership fees are paid by ‘Standing Order’ (rather than direct debit which is controlled by the recipient) you will need to contact your bank to cease any further payments. Please inform your bank as soon as possible, as it is possible that payments made to the union, after membership refund payments are allocated on Friday March 22nd, will not be returned.

We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused and wish you well in your career within the Security Industry.

It remains the case that Trade Union membership is extremely important in these uncertain times and we urge our members to look towards one of the general unions (GMB or Unite for example) to provide a level of ongoing support.